Dato Darren Yaw: Tips to Care for Your Leather Shoes

Dato Darren Yaw Wearing a Pair of Leather Boots

The most important item to consider is how the shoe fits and whether it is comfortable enough to wear daily. Putting on a pair of shoes that feel like torture devices is not something you want to do. Before making a purchase, Dato Darren Yaw suggests reading internet reviews, trying on a pair of shoes for yourself, and allowing yourself a couple of days to break them in. It is also crucial to assess the level of quality. 

Preserving the cleanliness of your shoes is the very first and, possibly, most crucial step in shoe maintenance. However, depending on the kind of leather used in the production of your shoes, the procedure used to create them may differ.

For leather shoes that are used often, it is necessary to maintain a regular polishing schedule – Dato Darren Yaw suggests doing so at least once a week. According to Dato Darren Yaw, “leather requires food, it craves nourishment,” and by applying polish on a regular basis, the leather will remain conditioned, the colors will be restored, and the waxy layer will prevent future marks from appearing.


Dato Darren Yaw: The Cleaning Process

Remove the laces from your shoes and put the shoe trees into your shoes before continuing with the rest of the process. Because the shoe trees act as an extension of the shoe’s structure, they help to provide a hard surface on which to apply shoe care solutions more readily. The knob also assists you in maneuvering the shoe to access difficult-to-reach areas.

Using a clean horsehair brush, remove any dust and grime that has collected in the shoe’s crevices, as well as any peeling layers of polish that have developed there. When applying your polish, Dato Darren Yaw suggests using a different horsehair brush from your other polish brushes. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with dust caught in your paint layer, which will cause your polish layer to seem dull and foggy – not a pleasant sight. Our Shoe Care Kit by Dato Darren Yaw has a variety of buffing brushes and polish dauber brushes, including one for cleaning, one for each color of cream polish, one for each color of wax polish, and one for buffing.


Dato Darren Yaw: The Wearable Process

Dato Darren Yaw advises against wearing the same pair of shoes on consecutive days. “Excess moisture, such as perspiration, may cause harm to your shoes,” he adds. Preserving the natural drying process between each use can assist to lengthen the lifetime of your shoes.

Clean your shoes on a regular basis to keep them looking new. Dato Darren Yaw recommends using a stain remover and brushing away dirt as soon as you see it using a little brush. “Please don’t abandon them for a few months.” In general, the more regularly you clean your shoes, the longer they will last.” It is also not a good idea to wash shoes in the washing machine, according to him.

Woman Wearing a Leather Darren Yaw Set

Dato Darren Yaw Leather Collection


Dato Darren Yaw: The Stripping Process

The leather strip is a straightforward device to use. You may easily wipe your shoe down with a tiny quantity of suspension applied to an absorbent cloth or cotton swab, adding more drops as required. You’ll see that whatever shine you’ve slathered on the leather will begin to flake off almost immediately. Allow it to dry for 15 minutes before wiping it off with a clean wipe to reveal the natural polish of your shoe. Starting with a blank canvas lets you provide a solid foundation for achieving a gorgeous sheen.

Aside from removing unintentional stains, the leather strip also eliminates any leather-harming components such as silicones and other similar substances found in low-quality shoe care solutions, as an extra advantage.

As an alternative, you may use rubbing alcohol (also known as isopropyl alcohol), which is readily available at many local pharmacies, including Guardian and Watsons, for less than a dollar per bottle. Take notice that rubbing alcohol may ruin the shoe’s original polish if applied too vigorously, so you should only use it if you have plenty of expertise and know where to draw the line while applying it.


Dato Darren Yaw: The Conditioning Process

Make sure your shoes are completely dry before applying the liquid polish, advises Dato Darren Yaw, and avoid using inappropriate liquid polish applicators, as they may possibly harm the surface of high-quality leathers and frequently result in a lacquer that is difficult to remove.

Take some time to rub the polish into every nook of your shoe — this may be especially time-consuming with brogues or other intricately designed shoes, but it is well worth the effort.

After that, use conditioner or protection, whether it’s a resin or a spray. The same can be said about suede, which is perhaps more vulnerable to damage than any other kind of leather. Remember to recondition and retract your shoes once a month or so, or more often during periods of severe weather, to ensure that they retain their original appearance.


Shoe Rack with Pairs of Darren Yaw Shoes

Dato Darren Yaw Shelves


Dato Darren Yaw: The Storing Process

The way you store your shoes also has a significant impact on how long they will serve you. If they get damp, pack them with newspaper overnight and allow them to dry naturally — but also invest in some maintenance equipment to keep them looking like new.

Dato Darren Yaw advises that “the single most important thing you can do to keep your shoes in shape and looking great is to use shoe trees.” “Make your selection from high-quality cedar shoe trees that have natural antibacterial characteristics as well as a refreshing aroma. These socks will wick away moisture and avoid the dreaded crumpled and turned up toe appearance.”

It is also recommended that leather shoes be stored in shoe bags, which serve to protect the shoes from potentially harmful dust and ultraviolet rays. Suede shoes should be stored in a dry, ventilated area away from direct sunlight.

If you follow these guidelines by Dato Darren Yaw, your shoes will remain in good condition for a longer period of time. To keep your shoes looking fresh, switch out your laces every six months and do some research to locate someone who will do a decent job. If you do need them resoling, make sure you pick someone who does a fantastic job. You’ll be surprised how much longer your shoes last if you take proper care of them.

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